4Ocean are making a genuine difference to the worlds oceans they have removed well over 2 millions lbs of waste from the oceans and this number keeps going up, day after day. They have teams based in Bali and Hati along with their HQ in Florida. Everyday teams go out and collect the waste the world has discarded onto the beaches, coral reefs and ,marine habitats. They provide employment for local fishermen who have lost their livelihoods due to the wests insatiable appetite to consume and the resulting waste that has destroyed fish numbers. These fisherman now have a chance to earn from this unforgivable destruction of the marine life and help restore the habitats that will see fish stocks thrive once again.

More about their work can be found at 4Ocean.com & and check out our shop at londonsurf.shop

Support the cause by purchasing one of their wristbands, every band sold removes 1lb pound of waste from the Oceans and the special edition bands also support the work of organisations working on that specific cause.