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Joby (Founder -CEO)

Joby started his working career as a professional cyclist, and was lucky enough to race all over the world. He competed for Wales in the 2002 Commonwealth Games and multiple international series, along with many National titles and medals. 

When he retired from cycling he moved to London to work as a stock broker in the city. However during the financial crisis the company he worked for went under, as it turns out this was a blessing in disguise. 

Looking for work to fill in the now large gap in pay he started working as an extra and in the experiential marketing industry, with a brief career as an actor. Yet his true passion was in business particularly developing companies which help communities live an awesome life. 

He has since started a company to attempt the worlds highest parachute jump, that morphed into a media company along with a rock climbing retail company. As a passionate outdoor sports person he has always been drawn to extremes, so now based in London with a young family and limited opportunities  to do outdoor sports, it is only natural that he would try bringing a sport like surfing to London.