6 awesome things 4Ocean is doing to preserve our beautiful oceans

It started when two avid surfers from Florida embarked on a holiday to Bali, a trip that quickly turned into a conservation mission. During the trip, the pair witnessed villagers wading through piles of plastic on their morning fishing commute. From there, 4Ocean was born – an initiative that not only aims to eliminate plastic in the ocean and transform it into stylish wrist-wear, but also strives for worldwide ocean sustainability and preservation.

We only have this one planet to live on, here are six awesome things 4Ocean is doing to preserve over 70% of it…

Cash in for fashion

To paraphrase the mighty Macklemore, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, quite literally in this case. 4Ocean remove huge piles of ocean plastic every year, with a bracelet purchase helping them remove about a pound of rubbish.


A bracelet may seem like a mere drop in the ocean – but with 4Ocean already removing 816,271 pounds (and counting!) of trash, we’d hedge our bets and say that these small accessories are doing a lot more good for our oceans than many of the world’s global superpowers. For just £16, a 4Ocean bracelet contributes to a real, tangible conservation effort that is slowly – but surely – making a dent in the 16 billion pounds of plastic that enter the ocean each year.

Going global

Based in Bali, the 4Ocean headquarters couldn’t be situated in a more apt area for ocean preservation – nestled within a community dependent on the waters that surround them but, unfortunately, thwarted by the constant threat of plastic and trash pollution.

The conservation doesn’t just stop in Bali however, with 4Ocean spreading their conservation efforts to 27 countries thus far and all but one of earth’s continents (thankfully Antarctica isn’t plagued by the plasto-philes that are humans, yet). From the sleepy shores of the Isle of Wight, to the bustling coast of Shanghai – 4Ocean are no doubt pulling plastic pound by pound from an ocean near you.

Community clean-up

Aside from transforming ocean trash into sparkling wrist-wear, 4Ocean spend the rest of their time organising fun, engaging and community-wide clean-ups. Whether beach-picking, patrolling the shores on a paddle board or simply netting large hauls of trash from the back of a boat – these clean-ups are having a dramatic effect on the areas they take place in.


Most recently, 4Ocean travelled to Cocoa Beach, Florida – a place close to the heart of Florida-raised co-founders, Andrew and Alex. With 318 passionate individuals taking part – the super-team soon cleared several hundreds of pounds of trash from the beach, all before it could make its way into the ocean. That’s one way to nip pollution in the bud.

Nurture helping nature

With humans doing their level best to subjugate nature and assert their dominance, we think it’s only fair that 4Ocean have joined nature’s side – working alongside the Coral Restoration Foundation to grow and cultivate coral nurseries.

Nurturing the corals until they’re ready to be outplanted into the bigger reef, 4Ocean are running an efficient schooling system with a long-list of successful graduates. The foundation is already having a positive effect on Florida’s most damaged coral reefs.

Avoiding turtle disaster

Did you know that the sex of a baby turtle is determined by the nest temperature during incubation – the warmer nests hatching more females compared to the cooler ones? Well, you do now. As the earth grows ever hotter thanks to the constant spectre that is global warming, the gender ratios for sea turtles are becoming more and more lopsided.


While 4Ocean cannot throw the planet into cooldown mode, they can protect the turtles that do hatch from the dangerous trash and ocean plastic that haunts them from hatchling to adulthood. Partnering with the Florida Atlantic University Marine Research Lab to raise global turtle awareness, 4Ocean have also released a special edition, #4SeaTurtles bracelet – the cost of which removes the ‘standard’ pound of ocean trash, as well as contributing vital funds to other turtle conservation and research projects. I, for one, am shell-ebrating this news…

A dedicated team

This whole 4Ocean initiative would not be possible without the dedicated team of individuals behind the conservation drawing board. Rooted in Florida with branches worldwide, 4Ocean employs an eclectic mix of individuals all with a different set of skills, but ultimately all sharing one vision – a pristine ocean free of trash and plastic.

The staff at 4Ocean can only do so much however – the rest of the team made up of you, me and whoever else is engaging with the conservation efforts. Buy a bracelet or help out in a local clean-up and you’ll soon join 4Ocean’s ever-growing conservation team – community the first answer to the ocean’s pollution epidemic.

You can buy a 4Ocean bracelet in our store, which will help the charity remove a pound of plastic from our waters.

Tom OwenComment