Membership Options


Global membership

Free usage of all the sport facilities on the site, surfing, climbing, scuba, flowrider and axe throwing. As a global member you can come and participate in all the open members sessions which ever you sport you choose. There are no restrictions (except when maximum capacity is reached, when sessions must be booked) on how many sessions you can do in day or how many sports you can do in a day. 

Covers all sports. 
Includes onsite board & kit storage. 
Booking slots reserved for global members only .

Surf Only Membership 

Use the Surf Lake as often as you like, whenever there is a members session you can book a spot to surf. Members sessions make up 70% of every day so there are plenty of opportunities to surf. 

Includes onsite board & kit storage

Climbing only membership

Access to both the indoor and outdoor climbing areas anytime. The only restrictions are when we have reached maximum capacity at which point it is one out one in and when courses are being run. During course some areas of the wall will be closed. 

Members lockers
Free access to climbing classes at the wall. 

diving (scuba & Free) Only Membership 

Use the pool during anytime, subject to guidelines of dive durations and rest periods between dives. 


Free tank refills

Onsite storage of dive gear

Flow only Membership 

Ride the flowrider anytime. 


Onsite lockers for gear. 

Axe only membership 

Come and train anytime. 


Secure axe storage onsite.