Early Bird Surf Course

Early Bird Surf Course

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Learn to Surf in 10 Sessions. 

Come and work with our expert instructors in a class of people of the same ability. Over 10 hour long sessions you will be expertly guided by instructors both in the water and watching from the bank.

We promise that after 10 sessions beginners will be up and surfing waves and intermediate and advanced surfers will be markedly better then when they started. 

Not only that you will have 10 hours of great fun with fellow surfers. 

All sessions include hire of wetsuits and boards. 

**Please Note London Surf is not built yet we expect to be up and running towards the end of 2019. Until constructions starts your membership is fully refundable**

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As one of our Early Bird customers you are very special to us and we want to make sure you feel that way. You will be part of the Early Bird club which means whenever we have a new product, area special event or something to try out you will be the first to get invited. 

You will get priority access to tickets to conceptions, concerts and anything else we dream up, along with special discounts in the shop and chances to win trips and free kit. We also plan to run a series of events for Early Bird Clubs Members. 

Finally Early Bird Club Membership means that you always get Climbing and Gym membership included with your Surf Membership. So even when the Early Bird membership you have purchased has elapsed, as long as you keep going with a surf membership you climbing and gym will be included for free. (everyone else has to pay additional fees)