Our Vision

We created London Surf to bring great quality waves within reach of the capital, but our imagination and ambition don’t stop there. We want to create a huge range of adventure sports and activities, to occupy even the most hyperactive minds. 

Here’s a little bit more about what we hope to achieve. It’s an ambitious list, but we always like to go big.


Consistently brilliant surfing provided by top-of-the-line wave tech is the heart of what we’ll offer. You’ll be able to store your board and suits with us, so hitting the waves is as simple as hopping on a train. We’ll have the ability to create different breaks to suit who’s surfing, plus coaching for learners looking to get into surfing for the first time.


As keen climbers, we’re looking seriously for sites that’ll accommodate a top-level climbing henge to rival any in the UK. Not only that, we’ll also have an indoor climber’s heaven, with lead climbing, top ropes, bouldering and speed climbing.


Also on our ‘must-have’ list is a pool for scuba or free diving. It’ll be deep enough for you to hit the requirements for various dive qualifications, and even have variable light settings to simulate murky British dives or the bright waters of the Caribbean. We’ll hide cool stuff at different levels of the pool to keep things fresh, including sculpture and artworks by local makers.


The perfect way to build familiarity with riding a board in the water, without jumping straight into the surf lake. Flowriders are fun and exciting – the perfect way into our favourite sport for youngsters and newbies.


If we get our way, there’ll be more activities on offer at London Surf than you could possibly do in a day. To that end, we’ll be offering accommodation so you can stay overnight – or even all weekend – to properly sink your teeth into what we have to offer. 

Axe throwing

A little bit left field, maybe, but we’ve tried axe throwing a few times and we can’t get enough. We’re planning both hire options for first-timers and secure storage for those who own their own kit.


If we can find a site that accommodates it, we’d love to offer horse riding and polo at London Surf. We’ll provide stable space for 30 horses, plus we’ll offer lessons. 

Keep up to date with our progress towards making the London Surf vision a reality by signing up to our newsletter below. Once we have a site locked down we’ll be updating what we offer, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date picture of what we plan to achieve.